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Finally, A Smarter Contact Center

You have the data — Transera helps you identify the strengths of your contact center and gives you the tools to continuously improve

Transera's Analytics-driven Customer Engagement brings together the customer interaction and agent activity records from disparate contact center systems into a big data repository in the cloud. It then segments, profiles, visualizes and analyzes the data for deep insights. These insights drive the creation of predictive models that recommend system and agent behavior changes. It then puts those insights into action for automated, ongoing and far-reaching improvement to both business performance and operations.

More About Why Transera Matters

With transera you can

  • Increase sales
  • Build and retain customer loyalty
  • Enhance cross-selling and up-selling
  • Delight customers with outstanding service
  • Improve customer experience throughout
“Best practice organizations with deep pockets are already doing it. Now you can too — organizations of any size and budget can gain dramatic insights into customer behavior at a realistic price point.” Prem Uppaluru, President & CEO, Transera

Truly understand what drives your contact center success

As an industry, we’ve become very good at tracking operational events and transactions—calls, speed of answer, average handle times, IVR sessions, abandons—you know the list, but how do all of these add up to the business metrics that really matter, like customer satisfaction and retention, sales and repeat sales, or profitability? 

Transera collects all the operational and business data your contact center creates and correlates it to business outcomes—both positive and negative. Finally, for the first time, you can see what customer and contact center activity and behavior truly drives your business success.

Analytics-Driven Customer Engagement

Link data across all your systems to unlock insights that really matter

You've been collecting valuable performance data in your contact center systems, such as your Automated Call Distributor (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, and order entry system for years, but you have had to analyze it in silos. Transera brings this data together along with other customer data sources such as demographic services and links it together for cross-analysis. 

What Transera Can Do:

  • See customer sessions, transactions and interactions across systems
  • Find customer behavior patterns with common intent 
  • Correlate customer behavior and demographics to business outcomes 
  • Map agent activity to business outcomes 
Engagements: The Key to Understanding the Customer Journey

What insights can a smart contact center uncover?

  • Insight

    Who your best performing sales agents and customer service are

  • Insight

    When your best customers call and how to identify them when they do

  • Insight

    Where business performance comes from and how to make it repeatable

With a birds-eye view into your data — know your contact center like never before

With the data all in one place, you can gain deep insight into agent performance, your customers, your customer interactions and the overall business contribution of your contact center from a variety of perspectives.

With transera you can

  • Segment the data into groups by time frames, agents, teams, partners, marketing campaigns and any other potentially relevant variable
  • Profile segments by key business indicators, such as conversions, average handle times, upsells and cross sells, revenues, retentions, cancellations and customer satisfaction scores
  • Visualize performance trends over time to look for patterns in behaviors and outcomes
A marketing campaign goes awry Why can’t we get customer experience right?

Use your insights to predict how to achieve the behaviors and outcomes you want

With the help of the experts at Transera, use your new knowledge to model how to drive the agent and customer behaviors that you want and statistically predict the resulting increase in revenues, retention and customer satisfaction.

  • What if you route calls to the best available agent instead of the longest available one?
  • What if you use a different script with customers of a certain profile consistently across all contact centers?
  • What if you create a global queue from which you route, distribute and script all interactions?

Automate the performance improvements

Let the data continually running through the Transera repository and predictive models drive the behavior of your contact center systems and agents. Directly feeding your existing systems, or overlaying them with the Transera Global Management and Control from the cloud, continually update the recommendations using real-time data that is compared with historical data.

  • Match customers with the best agents
  • Prioritize customers based on their current or potential lifetime value
  • Route customers through the IVR or directly to an agent based on their profile and needs
  • Arm each agent with the information and scripts they need for a successful customer interaction
Global Routing and Contact Center Management

The technology behind Transera

All the advantages of cloud technology PLUS world-class security

  • Cloud SaaS
  • Big Data
  • Security
  • Global Queuing
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Universal Data Dictionary

Understands the data fields and formats coming from the various systems the call center uses—ACD, IVR, CRM, Marketing, Order Entry, Consumer Demographics—and applies heuristics to normalize the data across systems and vendors.

Multi-source Linking™

Sophisticated heuristics connect the events and transactions in different systems that result from a customer or agent trying to accomplish a single task, like placing an order, asking a technical question, or inquiring about the status of a shipment.

Segmentation and Profiling

Select any set of customer interactions or agent activities and group them by segmentation variables and compare them by profiling fields, measures (i.e. numeric values), and metrics (i.e. computed values) to spot trends and correlations.

Recommendations with Predictive Modeling

We build analytic models of the different what-if scenarios and implement them in a predictive analytics engine and simulation engine to test them. Based on the statistical results, we make recommendations to improve your contact center performance.

Automate Recommendations in Existing Systems

Performance improvement models are set up to collect the data from your existing ACDs, IVRs, CRMs, other contact center systems—on-premise or cloud—and then feed behavior recommendations back into those systems with CTI and other integrations.

Centralized Global Queue

Have everyone wait in a single “line” so no one waits longer just because they were put in the wrong queue. Interactions from anywhere in the world are queued centrally and routed to distributed locations and teams in a dynamic, analytics-based fashion.