Calculate Marketing ROI

Know the ROI from your contact center marketing programs

In the famous words of John Wanamaker, the father of the modern department store and advertising, “I know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted… I just don’t know which half.” In today’s competitive world, marketing’s ability to rise above the noise and motivate action is key and knowing what works and doesn’t is even more important. But for many of us, marketing spends money on campaigns to drive calls, emails, and web chats to the contact center, but based on the time of day, geography, or call volumes, the interactions could be handled by a variety of agent teams, some outsourced, that may use different scripts, ACDs, and CRMs. So linking the data in the marketing campaign system to business results is difficult at best. Even today, John Wanamaker’s words hold true.

Engagements: The Key to Understanding the Customer Journey
  • Connect the data in your CRM, order entry, marketing and contact center systems
  • Know the conversion rates of every marketing program and the demographics of respondents
  • Know which contact center teams and scripts deliver and which don’t

Solving a Marketing Pain Point

  • Marketing spends a million dollars on ads that drive calls that get distributed to 3 different outsourcers using 3 different systems
  • The Mumbai call center has an uncanny knack to convert 75% of their calls while the other outsourcers flounder
  • Optimize advertising schedules for when Mumbai is online and ensure the other centers use their best performing agents and the Mumbai scripts when they are not

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Universal Data Dictionary

Understands the data fields and formats coming from the various systems the call center uses—ACD, IVR, CRM, Marketing, Order Entry, Consumer Demographics—and applies heuristics to normalize the data across systems and vendors.

Find What Impacts Business Outcomes

Identify key variables that impact your sales, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. Statistically pinpoint your high performing agent teams, successful marketing programs, and the customer demographics that make a difference.

Create Cross-System Measures

Create new business metrics calculated using fields and measures from multiple systems and then slice and dice. Use your imagination: average revenue per call or agent teams, average customer satisfaction ratings by marketing program, product, or…