Operational Efficiency

Get complete visibility across sites and outsourcers

Ever since the new millennium, cost cutting, productivity and efficiencies have been the top priority—not an easy task for the customer-focused executive managing multiple contact center sites and outsourcers. Most contact center systems generate their own operational reports. If different centers and outsourcers use their own systems and generate their own operational reports, it is very hard to see the big picture. 

With Transera in the cloud overlooking all your contact centers and systems, you can bring all the sites, agents and activity into one single view. View your productivity numbers in the aggregate and drill down into each team’s performance in detail. But don’t sacrifice business results for efficiencies, let Transera track the measures that determine business results too.

Aberdeen Group: Contact Center Optimization: Use Data to Deliver Superior Customer Care
  • Get global visibility into the productivity of all sites, outsourcers and teams
  • Map productivity and cost to top line revenue contribution
  • Know which productivity and efficiency measures really matter, and which don’t

Solving an Operational Efficiency Pain Point

  • The focus on decreasing average handle times and increasing the number of handled calls has resulted in a decrease in sales and customer satisfaction
  • Sales conversions and the customers with the highest lifetime value need 45 minutes to make their decision and complete their transaction
  • Prioritize the right customers and staff for longer calls to make sure you don’t sacrifice the business in the name of operational efficiencies

Top Features for Operational Efficiency View All Features

Correlate Operational and Business Measures

Map operational efficiency measures such as offered calls, handled calls, abandons, average handle times, and average response times to business performance measures like first call resolutions, CSAT, NPS, conversions, revenues, profits, and retentions.

Dashboards and Scheduling

Want to keep some insights to operationalize, and manage your business by? Schedule them to run on a regular basis with email notification, or publish them in a colorful and informative dashboard for everyone on the team to see daily, hourly, or whenever.

What-if Analysis

Using your data, the Transera Data Science Team develops different hypotheses that could impact your business outcomes such as new call routing strategies, scripting changes, customer prioritization, offers, target markets, or proposed problem resolutions.

Global Visibility

Get centralized real-time operational and business performance monitoring and reporting of all contact centers and teams, with agent and customer data from multiple systems and sites, in a single dashboard. And it’s configurable!

Global Quality Management

Centrally record, store and archive calls—regardless of the agent, site, or outsourcer taking the call—and replay and analyze them from anywhere. Custom tags and parameters drive alert warnings and facilitate easy search and retrieval.