Your best customer is the one you already have

Consumers have ample choices these days. Comparative data is at their fingertips. Brand loyalty is threatening to become a thing of the past. If a consumer is not happy with a product, service or subscription, no problem; return the product, cancel the credit card payments, and engage with the next vendor waiting in line.  Know which customers have a high probability to churn the moment they engage, and make sure they are matched with the best agents and offers to save them—based on real performance data—not luck. 

On-demand webinar: Ventana Research - “Next Generation Customer Analytics Benchmark Survey Results”
  • Reduce cancellations in double digit percentages
  • Make sure your best savers are always talking to the high-risk customers
  • Make the offers that are proven to keep your customers, and know exactly what to do if they don’t

Solving a Retention Pain Point

  • An online 3-for-1 offer with a monthly renewal has the best sign-up rate in the company’s history, but also the highest cancellation rate the 3rd month in
  • 65% of middle income families with 3 or more kids continue the subscription when they are offered every 4th month free by a fellow parent
  • Know the savable customers when they call and have the right agents make them the offers proven to retain

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Customer Interaction Records™

Connects all the data collected in different systems that represent the actions taken by a customer with the same intent, providing a complete view of what a customer does to evaluate, purchase, or obtain service for your products.

Find What Impacts Business Outcomes

Identify key variables that impact your sales, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. Statistically pinpoint your high performing agent teams, successful marketing programs, and the customer demographics that make a difference.

Recommendations with Predictive Modeling

We build analytic models of the different what-if scenarios and implement them in a predictive analytics engine and simulation engine to test them. Based on the statistical results, we make recommendations to improve your contact center performance.