Sales Team Tracking Software

Let your performance data tell you how to close more

Transera ensures that you make the most of every sales opportunity. Some agents are better at selling some products than others, or closing customers with certain demographics and needs than others. Some customers have a higher propensity to buy when paired with an agent with certain characteristics and knowledge. We use your historical performance data to statistically determine which agents sell best under which circumstances and which customers are most likely to buy when paired with a certain kind of agent. No touchy-feeling personality types, no best hunches, no pre-tested skills, just real data that statistically optimizes your sales performance.

On-demand webinar: Statistical Performance Analytics - Case Study for Agent Scoring
  • Match customers with the best agents for that particular customer
  • Know who your best performing sales team are—no guessing
  • Make the right offers to the right customers with the right agent

Solving a sales Pain Point

  • Most routing strategies treat all customers and agents the same
  • Callers from certain area codes calling at night have the highest propensity to buy
  • Prioritize your best customers and route them to the best available agent, instead of the longest available one

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Agent Activity Records™

Provides objective, statistical insight into the actions, behavior, and real-world performance of agents over time with particular kinds of customers, products, and interaction types so you can optimize your use of agents to maximize business outcomes.

Find What Impacts Business Outcomes

Identify key variables that impact your sales, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. Statistically pinpoint your high performing agent teams, successful marketing programs, and the customer demographics that make a difference.

Customer and Agent Matching

Routes customer interactions to agents based on the performance records of agents for that kind of interaction—sales, service or retention—or with customers with similar demographics such as income, geography, family size, or age.